Sep 30, 2016


Foodies Tour
We went on a food tour searching for the much anticipated Michelin Bib Gourmand 2016 stalls that could be found in Amoy Food Centre, and tried also to fill our tummies with other delicious food there.

A Noodle Story #01-39
The much hyped Singapore-styled ramen has to been given the thumbs up for it's creativity I am sure. There was a short queue even slightly before it's official opening at 11am and thereafter, shortly a long queue follow suits after. 
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11am - 230pm, 330pm - 730pm
                         Closed on Weekends and PHs

Basically thin noodles aka mee kia was the carbo base topped with traditional wanton, hot spring egg, cha su ( akin to thick fat belly meat) , crispy potato wrapped prawn. The presentation looked really appetizing and appeal. 
Well, have to say taste wise it did not really lived up to the expectation. Basically it was really dry mee kia similar to the versions you would get in Bak Chor Mee or Wanton Mee. The noodle was in one lump and we have to loosen up to mix well with the dark sauce. The chili paste might have saved it from being a un interesting bowl of noodles. 
Ingredients wise, it was really ordinary and nothing to shout about.  For a bowl of $7 this was not exactly worthy and we do not think there will be a 2nd try. Good creativity but didn't cut for it's taste. 

Small $5,90 Medium $7,20 
(I was looking at prices from past reviews and it seemed like the original $6 pricing has risen quite some dollars since 2015? )

Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee #02-80

Banking on it's reputation, we tried out the lor mee, but the gravy was a bit too watery and the taste too bland even after vinegar and minced garlic were mixed in. Unfortunately nothing could heighten the flavorful lor mee that we were looking for and there are, indeed better lor mee stalls around Singapore. 
$4 per bowl ( "with ingredients" as was stated)

Crispy Curry Puff #01-21
Also mentioned in the honorary list of Michelin Bib Gourmand Hawker stalls this year, we love the puff was it's crispy layered pastry flakes and spicy curry potato. 
A joy to indulge with. 
Comes in flavors like black pepper chicken, sardine or yam paste.
$1.20 each

Coffee Break #02-78
Coffee Break was recently featured in The Straits Times for being a stall that's now helmed by the 2nd generation and sees a revamp in their menu and offerings in catering to the working adult crowd in Amoy area.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a variety of newbie offerings such as different "new-age" flavors of latte and mocha, in the likes of black sesame, butter pecan, hazelnut, sea salt caramel and the list goes on. 
Priced competitively at $3,80, they are indeed cheaper than the next door cafes offering a latte in that district and with so many interesting flavors it's no wonder they are a hit.

Finally satisfied
We had the Sea Salt Caramel Latte ( Hot and Cold) with the Earl Grey Creme toast at $3.00 ala-carte. 
This was perhaps our most satisfied deal for the meal. Toast was crispy thin and spread with sweet earl grey flavored creme. Sea Salt caramel was awesome as the saltiness and sweetness were pleasantly distinctive. The hot version had a stronger punch and less diluted as compared with the cold version. 

Sep 29, 2016


Weekend Blues?
You are screaming boredom over what to do in Singapore? Pack your insect repellent, put on your cotton t-shirt and hop on to Pulau Ubin. Connected from main land Changi by just a 5 min bumboat ride away, transport yourself  to another rustic side of Singapore.
Initially made up of 5 small islands connected by mangrove swamps that were later drained, gave birth to the present day Pulau Ubin, now connected.

On the island, you can engage in many activities and one of the most famous ones will have to be CYCLING.  You can rent or if you are an avid enthusiast, many mountain bikers also bring along their own bike to cycle round the island on the different terrains. 

Numerous bicycle shops lined the street near the pier upon disembarking from the pier

Here are the 5 attractions on the island

1.Tau Pek Kong Temple
Located across from the Wayang Stage in Ubi Town Centre, this temple plays an important role in the community and is dedicated to Tua Peh Kong and Goddess of Mercy.

2. Ahmad Drink Stall
Mr Ahmad Kassim, 81 years old has been living on this island for since he was a child with his father and siblings during Japanese Occupation. This wooden house built by his father is still holding on strong and is where Ahmad lives currently, Selling drinks to visitors is his source of income nowadays.

This is Mr Ahmad Kassim.
Had expected to be warmly welcomed but rather he did not interact nor greet us. Slight disappointment, guess he is not too keen to talk to "Singapore tourists" or
perhaps it's because we didn't buy anything. 

Here's a tour around the house.
Let's have a look! 

Tools and whatnot.

It's a kampung scene at the backyard.

Frontyard swing 

Just opposite from Ahmad's house is a long abandoned house  and wells where he supposedly draw his water supply from.

3. House No. 1 & Visitor Centre
Weclome to this westernized cottage house located on the far flung eastern point of the island near to the Chek Jawa Wetlands. This fine looking house looks oddly out of place to the rest of the wooden houses and huts spread out in the rest of Pulau Ubin. But of course, commissioned for Chief Surveyor Langson Williams ( yes some important man of that time) as a holiday retreat it looks great as part of the restoration efforts by URA.

Such importance is this man, he had a private jetty built out.
Much of the house's features were restore albeit empty actually.

Restored features included a chimney ! 

4. German Girl Shrine 
Okay, this is a really 'weird attraction' of Pulau Ubin.  But well for historical  legend sake.
The story goes that this shrine was built in remembrance to a german girl who had died after falling into a quarry while escaping during World War One. The site later turned into a shrine after rumours spread about people winning lottery when they prayed there. The shrine is not maintained and upkept by donations form worshippers and also those who had won lottery. The shrine continues to attract worshippers who leave offering items. 

This is the altar and you can spot offerings. It's pretty new and had been through rebuilt and renovations by donations in kind.
Well, what a story right?
This shrine is located on the far western end of the island, yes only possibly accessible by a mini van. Unless, you are one of the hardcore cyclists ( who happen to want to reach this end of the island too)

5. Ma Drink Sall
Moving on, we found ourselves at this lovely tropical drink stall along Jelutong Bridge. Managed bu Madam Ong Ang Kui and her daughter. Today madam Ong sells drinks and fruits from the treses at her stall. 

Wave Hi for some coconut drinks. 

If you need a pee-stop ( pun intended) then, step right in to the open air mobile toilet at Ah Ma's stall, where everything does south.
You know what's inside, so no photos.

A former mangrove swap, drained over the years, resulting in a more accessible Pulau Ubin to different parts of the island.

Prawning? Only if you are lucky? Maybe?

Sluice gates to regulate water levels of prawn ponds.

So welcome and good bye Pulau Ubin
How to get there: Head to Changi Ferry terminal, just near by Changi Food Village. Head down to the basement of the terminal and purchase your ticketing ride. $2,50 per 1 way ride on the ferry

Have a GOOD DAY out in the sun!